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 VDX 6740 fabric wont form using 40G ports nor can i set up a port channel with the 40G port

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sdgill posted 01-04-2019 04:35
I have not been able to get my pair of VDX 6740's to form a fabric using the 40G port. No issue forming the fabric using the TenGig ports. Link comes up light is green but no isl established.
Also i was not able to do a port channel using two 40G ports connecting to a ICX 7750 40G port. Any ideas or suggestions? thanks..
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Truyen Phan

Which interface are you using for the 40G connections?

Please collect the following from both switches with the 40G interfaces connected:

show version
show vcs
show fabric all
show fabric islports
show int fo
show media int fo

For the 40G connection to the ICX 7750, are you able to bring up the port-channel with just one interface?

With the 40G connected to the ICX, run:

show run int port-channel 
show int port-channel
show port-channel summary

# check the lacp counters to see if the VDX is sending and receiving the LACP PDUs

show lacp counters

From the above, we can check to see if there's anything obvious. If not, then you will need to collect a 'copy support-interactive' and open a case with Extreme to investigate further.
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Deep Bakul Bhojani
Also can you run show dpod and show license