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 Can't get PCs on VLANs to ping each other

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Nick Piper posted 01-24-2022 10:07
Hey everyone,

I've been tasked with figuring out how to implement VLANS for a few projects that are in the works. This is my first time working with VLANS. I followed this guide but ran into an issue: How To: How to enable inter-VLAN routing in EXOS | Extreme Portal
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How To: How to enable inter-VLAN routing in EXOS | Extreme Portal
enable ipforwarding vlan v10Example: In this example, we will create two VLANs on a switch that can communicate with each other. Port 1 will be in VLAN v10 untagged, and port 2 will be in VLAN v20 untagged. Inter-VLAN routing or "ipforwarding" will be enabled on both VLANs.
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Here is the configuration I've got on the switch, which is off of the main network. Its a test environment, so these commands have been run after "unconfig switch all" was executed:
configure vlan default delete port 1-2
create vlan Intercoms tag 10
configure vlan Intercoms ipaddress
configure vlan Intercoms add port 1 untagged
create vlan Wireless tag 20
configure vlan Wireless ipaddress
configure vlan Wireless add port 2 untagged
enable ipforwarding vlan Intercoms
enable ipforwarding vlan Wireless

Here is the PCs configurations:
PC on port 1 configuration:
IP address:
subnet mask:
default gateway:

PC on port 2 configuration:
IP address:
subnet mask:
default gateway:

Now here's my issue. The PCs CAN ping the other VLANS gateway, but the PCs CANNOT ping each other. So PC1 cannot ping PC2 an vice versa. Any help or recommendation would be greatly appreciated. 

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Ty Izzet Best Answer
Hello Nick. It is possible that the PCs can be filtering ICMP packets, therefore not responding to ping requests. Please check the firewall on the PCs or disable the firewall entirely for testing this scenario. Also please check the 'show fdb' output on the switch and confirm whether the MAC addresses for both PCs are present in the table. You could also check the 'show iparp' table and see if the IPs are also present.