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 AP DHCP Critical Event

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graemedench posted 11-22-2021 05:38
This maybe really obvious but i can't figure it out. 

We had 76 Aps all good get there lease from DHCP  no issues alerts etc. 
I have added 6 more in. They work fine however for some reason I'm struggling to work out why with these 6 it is seen as a critical event when they renew there DHCP lease ? 

Now these are a different model and as such have a different profile in XCC  but what am i missing?
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Sam Pirok
Hello, thanks for reaching out, apologies for the slow response here, I was out all last week. What models are having this issue, and what model(s) did you have before that are not having this issue?
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Thanks Sam the new models are :- AP310i-WR & AP360e-WR These two report the renewed lease as critical, the previous models are :- AP3915i-ROW & AP3917i-ROW

I should say the alerts are from XMC