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 configure FA from ERS4900 to Exos

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Mblair posted 09-20-2021 13:50

Recently just started looking though documentation on FA and how it works. Specifically I was interested on how to use an ERS 4900 as the fabric connect edge, and an Exos based x435 to connect to it using FA. If there is a guide on it, let me know. I’ve seen one from a vsp to exos which has been helpful. However I had a couple of questions so far.

  1. If I want to used tagged connections for clients such as IP phones or AP., do they need to use the same DHCP range as the switch management? That’s what the examples I came across seemed to indicate for exos.
  2. does this setup support non FA attach clients?
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If I understand it correctly, you want the ERS4900 to act as the FA server, and the X435 as FA Proxy, correct?
If yes, the "Configuring Fabric Connect on ERS 4900 and 5900" guide should help:

1. DHCP is handled by a DHCP server or relay in the respective subnet, this has nothing to do with tagging/untagging the clients or the switch management.
2. Yes, as long as you create the VLAN - i-sid/nsi on both sides, for example manually or using RADIUS, FA will stretch the VLANs over the link between ERS and EXOS.
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I got it figured out not too long afterwards. mainly was just missing the "disable dhcp vlan" command for the management vlan on the Exos side of things.