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 Analytics virtual appliance for VMware, jumbo-frames

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kaare_t posted 04-19-2021 07:29


I’ve installed Analytics virtual appliance in my ESXi host. Everything is working and I can add Telemetry sources from my EXOS switches. In the documentation it states that jumbo-frames must be enabled on the path from every telemetry source, to the virtual appliance. I’ve done this, including switches and ESXi host.

The virtual appliance is set up with eth0 = Management and Monitor, eth1 = Disabled (as per recommendation from Extreme since I only have EXOS switches).

But the virtual appliance itself has a MTU of 1500 on eth0. I’ve confirmed this by pinging (from a switch).

I’ve tried changing the MTU to 9000 on the virtual appliance and I can get it working (I can ping large packets) but it’s reverted to 1500 once I do an Enforce or reboot the appliance.

Is this expected, and if so, why is it recommended to enable jumbo-frames when using Analytics/Telemtry? Will the switches need to fragment packets since the appliance cannot receive jumbo-frames?

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how do you change the mtu size ?

Extreme online help tells that you need jumbo frames (1538 Byte) because of ERSPAN encapsulation:

When configuring a device as an Application Telemetry source for ExtremeAnalytics, jumbo frames must be enabled on the device and any device or virtual machine between the device and the ExtremeAnalytics engine.


I suggest to open a GTAC Case to clarify how to enhcane MTU reliable !

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Thanks. Case created, I’ll post here when an answer is available.

EDIT 16th jan. '22: @PHasterok: Sorry for the late reply, for some reason I haven't gotten a reminder for the topic. The topic is also closed, so I'm editing my previous post - I hope it reaches you.

Regarding GTAC, I created a case but then it turned out GTAC couldn't help me directly since I needed to contact our partner (which I guess in turn can contact GTAC). Anyway, the response I received was that the VMware appliance should work, and I shouldn't worry. Honestly I've just let it keep running and I haven't noticed any issues, but our environment is quite small.

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Hello kaare_t,


did you get an answer? I’m having the exact same question.