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 I'm having this error "Can not get the required device list" HELP needed to resolve this

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Anonymous Member posted 12-19-2019 14:31
I'm having this error "Can not get the required device list" HELP needed to resolve this
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You'll want to open a case for that issue so our engineers can troubleshooting with you. We've enabled case creation access for you in Hive Community, please let me know if you have any trouble filing a case.

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Hi Sam ,

I have created a case for this problem, but was wondering why there is nothing on the community about this problem..

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If you're using a cloud instance, it's something our internal engineers need to fix for you. If you're using an on premises instance, it might be a resource issue that we'll need to dig in to on a case by case basis as it depends a lot on your particular instance and client load.

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I'm having this same issue at the moment and would also like to open a case with your engineers.

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Thank you for letting us know, I was able to enable full access to Hive Community for you so you can file a support case. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

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Pierre Tap
Hello, I have the same issue for one of our customers. Can somebody assist me with this please? Can I raise a ticket somewhere?
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Christoph S.
Hello Pierre,

Our engineers are aware of issue and working on fix. In the meantime please can you try using Firefox to see if this alleviates the issue?