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 AP230 forgot password to login console

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kennethk posted 04-20-2021 07:30

I have lost the username and password to login AP230 console locally, how can I retrieve it back without factory reset the AP and retain the configuration.  Furthermore, I can login into HM but do not see any option to reset console password.  Your advice is appreciated!

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Sam Pirok

Hi Kenneth, the username should always be “admin” and you can set your password in ExtremeCloud IQ by clicking on the silhouette icon in the top right corner> Global Settings> Device Management Settings (left hand side menu). You can change the SSH password here, and then you’ll want to push a complete configuration update out to your APs to apply the change. If you’re using HiveManager Classic (myhive.aerohive.com), you’ll want to go to Home> Administration> Device Management Settings to do the same. Hope that helps!

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Christoph S.


Log into your hive manager and click on your account name (top right hand corner of page) > Global Settings > Administration > Device Management Settings > Show Password. 


This should be the password to use to log into your AP. 


I hope this helps,