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 Config migration from XMC to XIQ-SE

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EF posted 11-23-2021 06:39
Hi team!!!

if you have an old  XMC deployed and a fresh installation of XIQ-SE, is there any tool or procedure to export-import config from XMC? Maps, profiles, etc..?

Best regards

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Zdeněk Pala
Hi EF.

There are several issues:

  • Unique identifier for the Site Engine is the S/N. The S/N changes between XMC and Site Engine
  • Access Control Engines have IP of the server configured, you will need to change that in the Access Control Engine configuration as you will not have the same IP on XMC and Site Engine
  • Switches are sending traps and syslog to IP address of the XMC. The Site Engine will have different IP…


I suggest the following procedure:

  • Upgraded your production XMC to 8.5.6 (if not there already)
  • Export the backup from the production XMC
  • Delete the XIQ-SE from XIQ (to free your licenses)
  • Restore the backup in the Site Engine
  • Onboard the Site Engine to XIQ
  • Check everything works properly
  • Shutdown the XMC
  • Stop nsserver & nsdatabase on the Site Enginge
  • Change the ip address through dnetconfig to have the original IP of production XMC
  • Restart the Site Engine
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Zdeněk Pala
there are a lot of good hints in the attached PDF