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 EXOS switch shown as "Fabric/FA Server" in XMC fabric topology

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Tom Jones posted 10-29-2021 06:38

I added a new ExtremeXOS (X440G2-48p-10G4) switch as fabric attached device to my fabric.
But inside the "XMC fabric topology " map the EXOS is shown as "Fabric/FA Server" (all other EXOS are shown as "FA Proxy/FA Client").
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks Tom
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Tom Jones Best Answer

just a short update: I fixed the problem. The solution: I forgot to add the right user to the switch (the same I was using inside the XMC SNMP credentials).
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Hi Tom,

What element type does the switch think that it has itself? Could you check the output of 'show fabric attach agent' on that switch?

Just some ideas:

If it's also showing as an FA Server via CLI, then I would question if FA is actually up and running on the relevant EXOS-VSP connection. 'show fabric attach elements' would show you if the upstream FA server is being detected appropriately.

If it's not showing as an FA server via CLI, there could be a polling issue with XMC.

I hope that helps!

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Tom Jones
Hello Gabriel_G,

the EXOS switch output of "show fabric attach agent" is:
EXOS# show fabric attach agent
Fabric Attach Agent Status
Service Status:          Enabled
Element Type:            Proxy
Zero Touch Status:       Not Supported
Auto Provision Setting:  Not Supported
Provision Mode:          Not Supported
Client Proxy Status:     Enabled
Standalone Proxy Uplink: None (disabled)
Agent Timeout:           240 seconds
Extended Logging Status: Not Supported


EXOS# show fabric attach elements
Fabric Attach Mode: Proxy
                                                       Mgmt     Auto
System Id                     Port    Type             VLAN Tag Provision
----------------------------- ------- ---------------- ---- --- --------------
02-30-00-00-01-47-30-06-0A-22 48      Server (No Auth)   10 Mix Disabled
02-00-21-00-31-34-33-26-10-11 49      Server (No Auth)   10 Mix Disabled

So both output are correct.
What about the polling issue with the XMC?

Bye Tom