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 aerohive legacy hivemanager

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bspeer1 posted 07-14-2021 20:28

I am trying to add some BRs to our hivemanager. a br200 gets the message that it belongs to another VHM in Redirector. Can you release sn# 20113011900335?


also, I have 3 br100s that get the message invalid serial number





What am I doing wrong?


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Sam Pirok

Thanks for providing those serial numbers, unfortunately they are currently registered to a different user in our system. I’ll need to reach out to the original owner to get permission to release these devices. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back from them. 

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Sam Pirok

Are you trying to add these devices to an ExtremeCloud IQ instance or a HiveManager Classic instance? The BR100’s are supported in HiveManager Classic, but unfortunately they were never supported in ExtremeCloud IQ (formerly known as HiveManager NG).