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 VX-9000-APPLNC-LIC - license generate

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milosz posted 09-22-2021 15:08


I need to generate a license for VX-9000-APPLNC-LIC, using Voucher ID. One of the required information is HW serial number. What shall I write here? VX-9000-APPLNC-LIC is not a hardware so maybe HW serial number is MAC of network card or server where the appliance will be deployed ? 


I will be grateful for your help.


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Robert Zarzycki Best Answer

VX9000 does have a serial number, you can ssh to it and run the below command to show it

VX-9000>show version 
VX9000 version
Copyright (c) 2004-2019 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.
Booted from secondary VX-9000 uptime is 36 days, 00 hours 23 minutes
CPU is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2603 0 @ 1.80GHz, No. of CPUs 2
Base ethernet MAC address is 10-10-1M-AA-CC-01
System serial number is 10SERIAL0CD0575C
Model number is VX-9000


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Thanks for reply, but even to download the image I need the HW serial number.

  1. I` ve got an voucher ID,
  2. to generate license the HW serial number is required
  3. so I tried to download the image from partner portal and I may choose for whom is this file (EU name, adress ect… ), but even in this step I need to put the HW serial number which I don` t have ...


Maybe while downloading I may skip this information (HW serial), deploy the machine, run ssh (in accordance with the above answer) and after this I may generate a license?

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Robert Zarzycki

During the download process it does request to open a GTAC case if you do not have the serial number. Please do so and your request for the download will be processed. 

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Thank You very much for reply.