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 How to register the Aerohive AP

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Yuki Nakamura posted 08-25-2021 10:30


I have AP122 that I am trying to register in XIQ but the following message output on the web browser.
What are the solution for this message?

01221612176031A stake record of the device was found in the redirector.

Best Regards,
Yuki Nakamura.

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Sam Pirok

Hi Yuki, I can help you with this. We see that device registered to a different user in our system currently, which is what is generating that error message for you when you try to add this device to your inventory. I will need to reach out to the original owner to get permission to transfer ownership of the device to you. I’ve emailed the original owner just now, and will let you know as soon as I hear back from them. If you are still in contact with the original owner and can encourage them to respond to my email, that may help move things along a bit quicker here.