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 How to assign devices by their MAC address to VLANs on WiNG APs

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oxoyoz posted 05-08-2022 22:19
I have 2 VLANs on the AP: VLAN1 and VLAN2
I want to assign device A,B,C to VLAN1 and device X,Y,Z to VLAN2 based on the devices' MAC address. 
For my use case, I cannot simply separate them by connecting them to different WLANs / SSIDs.
Thanks for your help!
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Angelo Cargnel Best Answer

Hi Oxoyoz :-),

you can use the feature "Radius VLAN assignment" together with "MAC address authentication".
See attached guide, section 3.7, 3.8.3 and 3.9.
You can use the WiNG internal radius server if you like.

Best regards,

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Thanks Angelo. 
I am in fact using my AP as a router at the moment because AP's built-in RF module lacks juice (output power) and hence doesn't give me the coverage that I need for a small business place. So I disabled radios on AP510, and connected 2 APs not from ExtremeNetworks to the AP510 to provide wireless function. 
I tried static-binding clients' MAC addresses within two DHCP pools (pool 1 covers VLAN1's IP range, and pool2 does VLAN2's) -- but it looks like only 1 VLAN (VLAN1) can be configured to use AP510's internal DHCP server policy. So I encountered two new issues:
1. clients with MAC addresses designated for VLAN2 in DHCP's static-binding table (pool2) are not getting IP address assigned properly
2. Even if I manually configure IP address / IP Mask / Gateway IP from device end (for VLAN2), such devices can't connect to internet (It looks like I need to assign routing rules for VLAN2) 
Any help on how to solve these 2 issues is greatly appreciated!