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 Loop with cluster of wing controller

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Malik posted 11-21-2021 10:00
I have two extreme controllers (NX-5500) with following cluster configuration :

on master controller :

cluster name MMM
cluster member ip level 1
cluster member ip level 1
no cluster member vlan
cluster master-priority 255
cluster handle-stp
cluster force-configured-state
cluster force-configured-state-delay 5.

on standby controller:
join cluster user .......... password ......... mode standby

but when configure the bridge mode to tunnel with vlan 1725  in wireless configuration the loop appear and connection become unstable.
so when I turn off one of the controllers the connection become stable and don't have any loop.

What are the settings needed to disappear the loop without turning off one of the controllers?
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Angelo Cargnel

Hi Malik,

you have to make sure that both NX-5500 do have access to vlan 1725 and that the level 2 MiNT packets are not blocked by your ethernet infrastructure in this VLAN. Some ethernet switches drop the level 2 MiNT packets as they are "unknown multicasts" to them.

You can check with the CLI command show mint tunneled-vlans which controller will handle the MAC layer bridge for VLAN 1725.
Please check on both controllers once the cluster is established.
If you see some output like vlan 1725: source: WLAN vlan and bridging-mode configuration, state: extended, EVIS 00.21.7A.D2 (self)
on both controllers, they don't "see" each other on vlan 1725. 

In this case you need to check the ethernet setup and if the level 2 MiNT packets are blocked somewhere...

If the EVIS is the same on both controllers, the setup works as expected and your loop must have some reason.