Switch Management Access using NAC Rules all AD User can authentificat

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DeoHeo posted 08-30-2021 16:15


Hello community,

I am a little confused about the following issue:

I configured the switch management access using the following older guide (I can't find a newer one):


Then I access the switch (X440-G2-24p-10G4 EXOS with the allowed user. I get the correct permissions and everything is fine. Then I tested a user who has no permission and he can access the switch. It is true that he can only set show commands, but I think this is not the right behavior, or is it?


  • the login gets the correct policy
  • everything is forced
  • i have reset the switch
  • i changed the ldap configuration in several ways
  • I changed the management access to user defined and tested a number of



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Stefan K.

Can you change the profile of the second rule to something that rejects the auth request and test again?


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One could also say: Read the fucking manuel (Step 12).

Thanks for the help.