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 Authenication WiNG and NAC

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Johan Hendrikx posted 01-05-2022 08:15
We have a WiNG environment with NAC autentication.

The devices authenticate with MAC autentication to access the wlan.

When a device is denied,  I can see that in the Role name of the client statistics of WiNG. (WiNG-NAC1)
However when a device is authenticated by NAC the role name is unknown. the device is placed in the right vlan. (WiNG-NAC2)

How can i solve this issue
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Daren Ellis
An issue like this will require more data collection and analysis than we can accomplish on the Hub.
I would suggest to collect a wireless syslog when device authenticated and a tech-support from the AP client associated to then open a GTAC support case for further assistance

See article below on collect log and tech-support

A best guess might be that the filter-id or role that is being sent from the NAC solution may not be define in the WiNG config.