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 Dojo - Video size and lenght

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Ronald Dvorak posted 04-22-2020 18:34


I’ve done some EDS/ECS certs lately and I’d like to give some feedback on the videos….


  1. size of video

I use a widescreen monitor and the only two options that I was able to find is to watch the videos in the small window or in full screen (34” in my case).

Could you provide more opions to watch the videos in different sizes or allow to resize it to whatever I like > I’d prefer to watch the video on one half of the monitor and have e.g. OneNote open in the other half to take notes.


  1. video lenght

Some videos are less then a minute (the shortest was 18seconds) - could you combine them to a longer one so we’d avoid to load a new one every minute.



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Paul Christian

Hi Ronald,

Thanks you for your feed back. 

Point 1) I can feedback the request to the technical video authors for their comment as to why we only have these choices and if we can expand the video rendering sizes.

Point 2) Could you please provide more information.  What technology was the class for? What level of certification? and Could you give examples of topics that were too short?

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Ronald Dvorak

Hi Paul,

below a example what the training looks like on my monitor.

The video is pretty small if I’d like to use the other half of the screen for notes.

The cert that I’ve done was “EDS - ExtremeWireless Core” and as you’d see on the screenshot that one is 17sec long (including the outro).

Mike does a great job in that 17sec but I wonder whether it’s possible to put more topics in one video to get a longer one instead of clicking next topic/video every minute to load a new video (or 17sec in that case). > plain and simple it’s distracting me :grinning: 






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Dave Weal

Hi Ronald, I produced and directed that video. Noted and with hindsight it would have made sense to collapse that with another topic. The reason for doing it that way is to enable review of a specific section only for follow up study. I think some viewers will prefer it that way. But will try and avoid making them that short in future courses. Plus, you never really know how long Mike is going to talk for! Dave

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Ronald Dvorak

Hi Dave,

& thanks for the answer.

I fully unterstand that it’s not possible to make everyone happy … it was just a observation and it’s not a big deal.

But it would be nice if something could be done in regards to the option to resize the video window :sunglasses:


Keep up the good work.