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 [HELP] No "enable ipforwarding command in X350-48t" - Howto route inter VLAN in switch?

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Andulo Bui posted 05-05-2022 22:04

Hi all,

Can anyone help me with the old switch Extreme networks summit X350-48t to configure inter VLAN and inline-power (POE)? Doea this device has this function?

I have 3 Vlans in the same switch and try to open inter VLAN between them. However, I could not use the command: enable ipforwarding because that command does not existed in the switch.

How can I enable ipforwarding in this device "X350-48t"?

The second problem is the same: I can not find the command configure inline-power to open POE ports.

Below is mys vlans and iproute:

show my Vlans
Show Iproute

No ipforwarding command found
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Gabriel_G Best Answer

Being a 48T, that switch does not have PoE capabilities. PoE capable switches use the letters 'P' or 'W' to indicate PoE+ and PoE++ support respectively, instead of 'T', which indicates no PoE capabilities.

Regarding routing/ipforwarding, the x350 is a L2 only switch, therefore you cannot enable routing on it in any way. Also, please note that the x350 has also been end of life for quite some time.

Hope that answers your questions!
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Andulo Bui

Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for your clearly explaination. I got understand what I looked that did not have in the current switch.