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 How aggregate links between vIST clusters into SPBm Fabric ?

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rodjeur70 posted 09-28-2021 12:46

Hi everybody,


As I was designing a SPBm architecture, a question occurred to me: in a such SPBm deployment (see below), is it possible to aggregate links ? I know its possible to aggregate IS-IS links between two same devices, but what’s about vIST/SMLT setups ?



Is IS-IS the sole in charge of distributing i-sid flows between b-vlans and further between links ?

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You CANNOT aggregate FC (Fabric Connect) links between a stand-alone device and an SPBM/SMLT cluster (siteA and siteB).
You CANNOT aggregate FC connections between two SPBM/SMLT clusters.

You CAN aggregate FA (Fabric Attach) links between a stand alone device and an SPBM/SMLT cluster.

If you are concerned about load balancing, traffic between a FC stand alone device and an SPBM/SMLT cluster is following the shortest path and usually there is an equal cost for both paths to the SPBM/SMLT cluster and so traffic will be load balanced (if you have configured two backbone vlan’s.



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Thanks for your response WillyHe, its a confirmation of what I had understood.


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