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 VSP-4850GTS SSH not working

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sangparekh posted 12-17-2021 06:05
I've set up a spare VSP4850GTS unit that we have, which is connected to a 8404 core via SPBM.
Although the VSP4850GTS has an adjacency with the core and I can ping the device, its not accepting SSH connections, despite the boot flags being set and SSH being enabled. I updated the software just in case it was a software bug, but still no luck.

I did a factory reset on the device after which the device accepted connections, but would not log in with defaults of rwa/rwa
I then added another account with rwa privileges, after which the device would not respond to SSH.

I'm puzzled as to why SSH is failing, is there another command I'm missing?

Below are relevant snips from the VSP's config

# box type             : VSP-4850GTS
# software version     :​


boot config flags ftpd
boot config flags sshd
boot config flags telnetd
#boot config sio console baud 9600 1
# end boot flags


ssh timeout 120

#show ssh global
                Command Execution Time: Fri Dec 17 08:40:47 2021 UTC

Total Active Sessions     : 0
        version                   : v2only
        port                      : 22
        max-sessions              : 4
        timeout                   : 120
        action rsa-host key       : rsa-hostkeysize 2048
        action dsa-host key       : dsa-hostkeysize 1024
        rsa-auth                  : true
        dsa-auth                  : true
        pass-auth                 : true
        keyboard-interactive-auth : false
        sftp enable               : true
        client enable             : true

        enable                    : true
        authentication-type       : aead-aes-128-gcm-ssh aead-aes-256-gcm-ssh hmac-sha1 hmac-sha2-256
        encryption-type           : 3des-cbc aead-aes-128-gcm-ssh aead-aes-256-gcm-ssh aes128-cbc aes128-ctr
                                    aes192-cbc aes192-ctr aes256-cbc aes256-ctr blowfish-cbc rijndael128-cbc

        key-exchange-method       : diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 diffie-hellman-group14-sha1

#show cli username
                Command Execution Time: Fri Dec 17 08:43:02 2021 UTC

UserName              AccessLevel    State        Type
ro                    ro             enable       default
rw                    rw             enable       default
rwa                   rwa            NA           default

I am trying to SSH to

mgmt vlan 2501
ip address
ip route next-hop weight 200
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