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 External captive portal php example config with XCC

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T0m posted 06-24-2021 13:11

Hi, does anybody have a website example on how this should work ?

there is no documentation besides the php files, but how would you integrate this into an index.html page

we basically want something that allows us to design the look & feel of the guest wifi portal… but it seems this functionality is very limited on extreme products


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gabriel baima Best Answer

Hi everyone, I’m back answering my own question in hope that I may help someone in the future with the same problem. Extreme bought aerohive and their documentation is a bit outdated, even the Extreme Wireless Integration Guide is a bit too old right now. You can still use it, but you’ll have to figure out the parameters passed in the url by yourself.

That said, I got a guide directly from someone from extreme and It’s more recent than the others. I hope it can help you, I uploaded the pdf here. Hope it helps :>

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gabriel baima

Dude, I’ve been looking around for 2 weeks now and the only thing I was able to find were old doc files and more and more dead ends, I’m an intern programmer and I have this already working (with Meraki at least) captive portal that I want to be able to access it via Extreme too, so I can filter the info etc etc. Could you please explain the basic method to configure it just to get to the web page, or point me  to a guide or something? I’m terribly lost in this @_@

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Hello everyone, in the past I implemented a solution with external captive portal based on the examples that came with identify. I only need to make a few small adjustments but at the end of the day it worked and is currently still in production.

ExtremeWireless Integration

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They're great. I use them myself. They offer full guest access option with a splash page and captive portal that logs your sessions.

The firmware is loaded onto the UniFi AP and gives you guest access options and an unlimited number of SSIDs (guest and private networks).

Their dashboard lets you create a splash page and charge users via Stripe or Paypal (cash is also and option).

You can try them for free. I hope you like it.