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 recertification - anniversary date issue

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Ronald Dvorak posted 01-15-2020 17:29


because my EDS - Managment Center certification was only valid till 30.Jan I’ve started the online recert ttraining last week (9th Jan) and passed the test today.


Now the cert show that it’s valid till 15,Jan 2021.


As per the FAQ the anniversary date should remain the same each year = should be valid till 30.Jan 2021.

The recertification can be completed any time up to 60 days prior to the anniversary. The anniversary date remains on the same each year, even if it is completed early.


Could you please fix that on the backend so it doesn’t happen to other students and also fix my EDS Managment Center and  EDS Control (which I’ve passed last week) cetification to reflect the correct date.




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Hi Ron,


Personally I always recommend to e-mail the training team directy at I have forwarded your issue to them to make sure they see it quickly.


Hope that helps,


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Hello everyone,

seven months later I have the same problem. I have already contacted the Dojo team via Support Ticket. As soon as I get a feedback, I will give you an update.

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Hello everyone,

as described there is no fix for the problem of incorrect validity of extended certificates. Affected persons can easily contact the Dojo team to have the validity of their certificates corrected. For this purpose there is the group "Incorrect Certificate Date" in the support form.