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 IQVA and AP650 HIVEOS versions

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ian.blackwood posted 03-16-2021 03:45


We have an on premise IQ Virtual Appliance ( and a mixture of AP250, and AP245X running 10.0r8 which seem stable.

Recently we purchase some AP650 since the AP245X is EOL.

First one has 10.0r8b

Second one is 10.2r0

I see robust discussion on issues with various later HiveOS in these units.

I *don’t* see any of these files in the download page.

Can someone advise what is the current stable firmware I should run on these AP650 (with external antenna if that makes a difference) given the mixed environment ?

Also, where do I get the image and will this be compatible with the existing (latest) on premise Virtual Appliance ?


Cheers and Thanks in Advance,






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Sam Pirok

Hi Ian, I would recommend using 10.0r8 or earlier for all your devices for the moment. You can check this page to see what version of HiveOS (a.k.a. IQ Engine) works with which version of CloudIQ here: https://docs.aerohive.com/330000/docs/help/english/ng/Content/reference/docs/release-notes.htm?Highlight=


There is an IQVA release coming very soon that should let you use later firmware versions, just so you know to watch for that release. I’ve emailed you directly with instructions on how to get the firmware you need for your AP 650.