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 Ve over VPLS configuration guide

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Alice posted 03-06-2020 16:07

Can someone help me with some docs related to Ve over VPLS concept and configuration. 

I am trying to understand the use case of ve interface with VPLS and a config that can help to implement. Have already gone though the MPLS guide but that doesn’t give enough info.

Looking for some inputs. 


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I am looking for some more details(use-case and config)of the below concept which is described in MPLS Guide for NetIron:

Routing over VPLS overview
Routing over VPLS provides routing functionality of a virtual Ethernet (VE) interface with Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS) endpoints.
By configuring a VE interface on a VPLS instance, VE routing packets arrive on the VPLS endpoint or uplink.
Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS) enhances the point-to-point connectivity by specifying a method for Virtual Circuits (VCs) to provide
point-to-multipoint connectivity across the Multiprotocol Label Switch (MPLS) domain, allowing traffic to flow between remotely
connected sites belonging to a customer Virtual Private Network (VPN) as if the sites were connected by a Layer 2 switch. The Provider
Edge (PE) devices learn the MAC addresses of locally connected customer devices, flood broadcast and unknown unicast frames to
other PE devices in the VPN, and create associations between remote MAC addresses and the VC Label Switched Paths (LSPs) used to reach them.

I don’t see it in the guide doc you shared earlier.