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 vgva layer2 vpn - gre tunnel between AP and VGVA behind NAT

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Andrea Ton posted 01-20-2022 04:54
I've a problem setting up a guest ssid with traffic tunneled to a VGVA via GRE encapsulation.

Here the network diagram (rif: vgva-layer-2-vpn-configuration-guide ) I'm testing, only difference is I'm using GRE encapsulation instead of IPSec: 


GRE tunnel between AP and VPN Gateway goes UP but AP clients doesn't work. I can see client traffic encapsulated in GRE arriving to VGVA but 
I can't see any client's traffic de-ecapsulated and coming out of the VGVA.

Any suggestion ? Is it possible that NATing GRE encapsulation is not supported ?


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Sam Pirok
Hi Andrea, thanks for your patience here. I ran this past one of our engineers and in general they'd like it if we could open a case for this, they have a lot of follow up questions and it's just easier if we can keep all of the information in a case. In general, we do support NATing GRE traffic. We NAT GRE traffic for layer 3 roaming by default.