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 Failed to upgrade the switch software system for X690-48x-2q-4c with EXOS

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Ben.Cheng posted 11-17-2021 02:46
Hello Engineers:
    I need to upgrade my  X690 switch  software system because of some problems, but there were some difficults  during the upgrade process. No matter what version of the xos  file I used, it prompted that the xos version didn't match the existing switch. and those version were supported by X690.I used a TFTP server to  transmit the xos, I had tried many times, but I didn't know where the problem was, Had anyone encountered this kind of problem?
Any help will be appreciated.
Failed to upgrade with vm-

Failed to upgrade with vm-
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Christopher Thompson Best Answer
Hi Ben,

If I am reading that correctly you are trying to install the summit image but the x690 uses the ONIE image.

Product: X590 | Extreme Portal (force.com)

The image name should look like this: onie-

instead of summitX-

Chris Thompson
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Stephen Williams
Did you download the EXOS VM image on the GitHub?  You will need the file that looks like this "onie-".  It's available on our support page. 

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Hello Christopher  and Stephen,
Thanks very much.
Now  I know where I went wrong,as the Stephen said, I download the EXOS VM image from the GitHub, because  I can't  create a new Extreme Portal account,I open a case,but no engineers  reply  to me,the case number is  02477550 and  I will call them.
Thanks again.