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 Extreme Wireless (IdentiFi) and Lenovo 100e gen2 WiFi

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Keith Obermeier posted 09-17-2021 18:33

We are using 3825 and 3935 series access points.  We recently deployed Lenovo 100e gen 2 chromebooks, replacing Lenovo N22 and N23 series chromebooks.


This week we have had a large number of students and teachers reporting poor signal when using the new Chromebooks.  I am deploying some additional 3935 APs in some rooms to try to increase our capacity and boost signal, but I am concerned more about the fact that the new chromebook model is the change.


Is anyone else seeing problems with this generation of APs and new Lenovo chromebooks?




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Ovais Qayyum

Hi Keith, 

A did a little research on Google to find out if these Lenovo models use the same WiFi card, and sure enough they do. Both Lenovo 100e gen2 and N22/23 use the same Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 NGW WiFi chip. At least, based on search results this seems to be the case, you may also want to check physically on the Chromebooks.

So, if the APs and WiFi chipset is same, ideally you shouldn’t have the problem with the signal/coverage. The only other thing that could cause problem is the WiFi chip “Driver” on these two models of Chromebook. 

I would recommend you to check if the drivers are same, if not, update/downgrade the driver on new Chromebooks to the version on the old ones which works and re-test.      




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Keith Obermeier

I did a little research myself by disassembling the Chromebooks, and also using chrosh to query the hardware, and I disagree with your conclusion.


N22s use an Intel 7265 WiFi PCI adapter, the 100e’s we are using ship with a Quallcomm Atheros NIC.



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Ronald Dvorak

Hi Keith,


I agree with Ovais on checking the WLAN driver on the devices to make sure you’ve the latest one installed.


If that doesn’t solve the issue check the “clients by AP” report on the controller > connect one of the old and a new device to a AP and check whether you’d see any difference in behavior i.e. different band, connection speed….