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 Can I add second hand AP121 to my network ?

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PM92 posted 09-23-2021 12:24



We plan to add some used AP121 to our network and are concerned about:

  • Will it possible ? (missing support ? , device already registered elsewhere ?)
  • Will it be possible to manage it with our HiveManager 6.8 on premises

Thank you for any hint !



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Sam Pirok

Hi there, thanks for reaching out. It should be possible to do this, but it can get a bit tricky. 


If the device is registered to a different account, and you don’t have current support with us, you can send the serial number of the device to us here on the community and we can try to help you out. You can also email the serial number to me directly at community@extremenetworks.com. If I see that the device has a previous registration, I’ll reach out to the previous owner to get permission to transfer the device to you instead. If we don’t hear back from the original owner, I can reach out to the old account team to see if they can approve the transfer for us instead. If they can’t help us, we’ll need to reach out to the local sales team near you to start an official request to transfer ownership to you without contacting the original owner. This process can take a while, so I just wanted to explain all the steps we may need to take. 


Once we get the device transferred to you, you should be able to use an AP 121 with HiveManager Classic 6.8, but you’ll have to be careful about which firmware version you use on the AP 121. The firmware number can’t be higher than the HiveManager version number. So if you’re using HiveManager 6.8, you need to keep to firmware versions of 6.8 or lower. This means you will not get the latest features and security updates on the AP, because you are using such an old firmware version. 


An alternative is to use our free ExtremeCloud IQ version called Connect. Connect does not have the full feature set as the paid version of ExtremeCloud IQ, but it does have the basic functions that will allow you to set up a basic wireless network and manage your device, you can keep it on the latest firmware available for your model, and it’s free to use. If you’re interested, this guide reviews how to register for ExtremeCloud IQ Connect. 

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Thank you very much for these detailed infos.

I’m currently having a look on some used AP121, and will get back to you if