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 Ansible project with VSP/VOSS switches

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Paul A. Leroux posted 06-02-2020 13:34

I am starting to look at ANSIBLE as a COVID19 learning project.

Curious if anyone has built anything with ANSIBLE for VSP/VOSS management.  Willing to share you work and experience?   Thanks


Full disclosure, as my titles reads I do work at Extreme. This is purely for self education.



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There is basic support for VSP/VOSS in Ansible with ‘network_cli’ plugin(connection type) and modules voss_command, voss_config, voss_facts. has some details and documentation links.


Note: The document links in the README of the above repository is broken. I have created a PR( to fix them.


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Paul A. Leroux



I was more curious if someone has built some scripts or a playbook so I don’t have to write something from scratch.



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Ricardo Borrajo

Hi Paul,

I have created and tested some Ansible playbooks with VOSS and EXOS using GNS3.

I can share some is you are interested.

Best regards!


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Hm, nice approach. Interested in what other have to say about it!