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 VRRP and Group number

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Al Mat posted 11-18-2020 18:40


 I would like to know with VRRP-E, do we need to make a different group number for each VIP ?  VDX 6740

Thank you


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Michael Morey



VRRP-E instances are confined to the VLAN in which they reside, meaning that you are not required to use a different VRRP-E VRID for each VLAN. 

If you are setting up multiple VRIDs in a single VLAN, they will need to use unique values for each.  Also any device participating in VRRP-E within the same VLAN will need to use the same VRIDs as its peers.

Using the same VRID does not get around any limitations for VRRP-E Instances.  Even though you may have 10 different VLANs using the same VRID “1” you will have 10 unique instances of VRRP-E running.  

I hope this answers your question.


Michael Morey
Principal Technical Support Engineer

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Hi Al,


The VRID is used to set the lower half of the IEEE special virtual MAC Address used by the VRRP process, and by clients sending packets to their “router”.

So there is an argument for making them all unique, so that all the “router” MAC Addresses are different.

It’s also arguable that they’re all on different VLANs so what does it matter?

I have come across a situation where it did matter, but it’s very rare, so try it yourself, you have both options.


Good Luck


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