ExtremeSwitching (EXOS)

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  • 1.  CRC error monitoring via SNMP

    Posted 07-02-2018 04:17

    We are trying to execute in SNMP to get realtime CRC errors via snmp walk
    I found the oid with details with this link


    but when we are trying to execute snmpwalk, we are getting this result, hence not able to conclude how to get the details port wise

    Below is the o/p in the tool
    D:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP BTO Software\bin>nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl

    extremeRtStatsTable.extremeRtStatsEntry.extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.1 : Counter: 0

    extremeRtStatsTable.extremeRtStatsEntry.extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.2 : Counter: 0

    extremeRtStatsTable.extremeRtStatsEntry.extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.3 : Counter: 0

    extremeRtStatsTable.extremeRtStatsEntry.extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.4 : Counter: 0

    extremeRtStatsTable.extremeRtStatsEntry.extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.5 : Counter: 0

    extremeRtStatsTable.extremeRtStatsEntry.extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.6 : Counter: 0

    extremeRtStatsTable.extremeRtStatsEntry.extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.7 : Counter: 0

    extremeRtStatsTable.extremeRtStatsEntry.extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.8 : Counter: 0

    extremeRtStatsTable.extremeRtStatsEntry.extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.296 : Counter: 1809
    extremeRtStatsTable.extremeRtStatsEntry.extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.778 : Counter: 0

    extremeRtStatsTable.extremeRtStatsEntry.extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.779 : Counter: 0

  • 2.  RE: CRC error monitoring via SNMP

    Posted 07-02-2018 19:14
    Hi Saurabh,
    Do you have rmon enabled on the switch? This will allow the switch to collect the information and make it available to the SNMP process. The command for doing so is "enable rmon" and doesn't need to be enabled on a per-port basis.

    Thank you,Brad

  • 3.  RE: CRC error monitoring via SNMP

    Posted 07-05-2018 08:32
    rmon is already enabled the o/p is also correct

    Just the decoding of o/p was a challenge here, now i decoded it :)

    Here is the decoding

    the result shown in SNMP walk from nms tool is correct however the decoding of the o/p is little tricky here.

    Each slot has a reserved number for representation of ports ,namely 256 , so the actual number represented would be ( slot # - 1)*256 + actual port # .

    One odd and one even (One pair) matches to one physical port.

    In below setup, 259 and 260 match to port 2:2, 261 and 262 match to port 2:3, 1537 and 1538 match to MSM128 management port(slot 7).

    Below is the information

    * BD-8806.1 # show slot

    Slots Type Configured State Ports Flags


    Slot-1 G48Tc(PoE) G48Tc(PoE) Operational 48 M

    Slot-2 10G4Xc 10G4Xc Operational 4 M

    Slot-3 Empty 0

    Slot-4 Empty 0

    Slot-5 Empty 0

    Slot-6 Empty 0

    MSM-A 8900-MSM128 Operational 0

    MSM-B Empty 0

    BD8800 with slot1 G48TC and slot2 10G4XC

    Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.1; Value (Counter32): 0

    Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.2; Value (Counter32): 0

    Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.3; Value (Counter32): 0

    Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.94; Value (Counter32): 0

    Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.95; Value (Counter32): 0

    Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.96; Value (Counter32): 0

    Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.257; Value (Counter32): 0

    Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.258; Value (Counter32): 0

    Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.259; Value (Counter32): 29412027

    Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.260; Value (Counter32): 1790583109

    Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.261; Value (Counter32): 419320560

    Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.262; Value (Counter32): 4100373752

    Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.263; Value (Counter32): 0

    Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.264; Value (Counter32): 0

    Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.1537; Value (Counter32): 0

    Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.1538; Value (Counter32): 0