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stack boot partition mismatch

  • 1.  stack boot partition mismatch

    Posted 10-22-2018 06:12
    I recently encountered a situation where a slot in a stack was clearly set to use a different boot partition to the remainder of its stack and upon stack reboot the slot in question was left stranded outside the stack topology on a dfferent firmware revision....

    i am pretty sure creating a script to go away to all my stacks and find if a specific slot in that stack has the incorrect boot partition configured is much easier said than done as technically the mismtach should not occur in the first place....

    However, I do think it possible to create a script which will go away, find the boot partition already set for a stack, and then issue the "use image" command using the result, and in effect re-issuing the correct boot partition to all stack members without any ill affects, but correcting any further "anomalies" of the same ilk I may have across the estate...

    Does anyone know of a way to put together an intelligent script to achieve such a task or similar?

    may thanks in anticipation


  • 2.  RE: stack boot partition mismatch

    Posted 10-22-2018 09:17
    What you are looking for sounds like the feature added to EXOS 22.6.
    See the ExtremeXOS users guide "Automatically Adding or Replacing Nodes in a Stack" which also corrects EXOS image mismatches across the stack.