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Adding 4950GTS to existing 4950GTS stack

  • 1.  Adding 4950GTS to existing 4950GTS stack

    Posted 05-15-2020 19:44

    I have an existing stack of 2.


    I’ve verified that versions and licenses are identical.


    As far as configuration goes, are the configurations copied down onto the new member when it gets added to the stack or do I have to manually do it prior?

    my plan is as follows.


    1. Rack and power on the new switch
    2. move stack cables to appropriate positions and run a new stack cable from new switch to base switch.
    3. Verify stack health.


    Is that really it or am I missing things?


    I saw in previous questions/discussions that there were some commands that were needed to run like:


    New Node:

    configure stacking-support stack-ports all selection native

    enable stacking-support

    enable stacking

    configure stacking node-address <mac of new node> slot-number <slot # you want for new node>



    Master Node:

    synchronize stacking slot <slot #>

    reboot slot <slot #>

    synchronize slot <slot #>



    But they were using different equipment than the 4950GTS.


    Thanks in Advance.