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How to Filter VRRP "No VR found" log messages

  • 1.  How to Filter VRRP "No VR found" log messages

    Posted 07-03-2014 04:45
    If Extreme Networks switches are using VRRP and other devices are using it also in the same VLAN, the Exterme XOS switches will complain loudly about that … one log line per broadcast. In my case it were two per second and as the switch stores only 1000 log lines .. the log soon contained only these entries:

    09/21/2011 11:49:41.11 : No VR found on VLAN xxx with VR Id xxx

    09/21/2011 11:49:40.48 : No VR found on VLAN xxx with VR Id xxx

    The one pitfall with using the exclude match string variable is that the VRIDs must not be treated as string variable. This does not work because Extreme XOS does not treat the VRID as a string variable, but rather as a integer. To determine the valid variables available for the specific event you’ll need to type following:


    This tells us that to filter on the VRRP.UnkVR messages, there is a string variable (%0%) equal to the VLAN name, and a integer (%1%) equal to the VRID itself. Because Extreme XOS interprets the VRID itself as a number and not a string, doing an exclude match string will not work. You must use the number variable as follows:

    configure log filter "DefaultFilter" add exclude events "VRRP.UnkVR" match number xxx

    From the Concept Guide:

    The filter can be associated with one or more targets using the command to control the messages sent to those targets. The system has one built-in filter named DefaultFilter, which itself may be customized. Therefore, the if a filter other than DefaultFilter is desired. As its name implies, DefaultFilter initially contains the default level of logging in which every Extreme XOS component and subcomponent has a pre-assigned severity level.

    PS: You can use this solution to filter out any other event, just check with
    show log events "xxxx" details