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Not able to create vrrp in X460-48t summit switch

  • 1.  Not able to create vrrp in X460-48t summit switch

    Posted 09-28-2017 13:02
    X460-48t.3 # show version

    Switch : 800538-00-10 1515N-43544 Rev 10.0 BootROM: IMG:

    PSU-1 : PSSW301201A -02 800519-00-06 1512A-40004

    PSU-2 : PSSW301201A -05 800519-00-06 1710A-40145

    Image : ExtremeXOS version v1553b4 by release-manager

    on Fri Nov 7 12:56:24 EST 2014

    BootROM :

    Diagnostics : 6.3

    X460-48t.4 #

    Below is part of where the issue is…

    # Module vsm configuration.


    X460-48t.3 #

    X460-48t.3 #

    X460-48t.3 # create vrr


    %% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

    X460-48t.3 # enablr


    %% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

    X460-48t.3 # enable vrr


    You can see the list of command available for VR.

    X460-48t.3 # enable

    access-list Access list

    auto-provision Allow switch to obtain the IP Address, Gateway, Config file via DHCP

    bfd BFD specific settings

    bootp Configure BOOTP client

    bootprelay Configure BOOTP Relay service

    cdp Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)

    cfm IEEE 802.1ag - Connectivity Fault Management

    clear-flow CLEAR-Flow agent

    cli Command Line Interface settings

    cli-config-logging CLI command logging

    clipaging Display command output one screenful at a time

    cpu-monitoring Monitor system/process cpu utilization

    dhcp Configure DHCP client

    diffserv diffserv

    dos-protect automatic denial-of-service protection

    dot1p dot1p

    eaps EAPS (Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching) domain

    edp EDP

    elrp-client ELRP (Extreme Loop Recovery Protocol) Client

    elsm ELSM (Extreme Link Status Monitoring)

    erps Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ITU-T G.8032)

    esrp ESRP (Extreme Standby Router Protocol) Domain

    ethernet Ethernet OAM

    fdb Configure FDB related parameter

    fip FCoE Initialization Protocol

    flooding flooding

    flow-control Pause frame handling

    icmp icmp option

    identity-management Identity Management

    idletimeout Timeout for idling configuration session

    igmp Internet Group Management Protocol

    ip-fix Enable IPFIX module

    ip-option ip option

    ip-security IP Security

    iparp ip arp command

    ipforwarding IP forwarding

    ipmcforwarding IP Multicast Forwarding

    iproute IP routing module

    irdp ICMP Router Discovery Protocol

    jumbo-frame jumbo-frame

    learning learning

    led LED display functions

    license license or feature pack

    lldp Configure LLDP specific settings

    log Configure log service

    loopback-mode loopback

    mac-lockdown-timeout mac lockdown timeout

    mirror Mirror feature configuration

    mlag Multi-switch Link Aggregation used to combine remote ports and local ports to a common logical connection

    mld Multicast Listener Discovery Protocol

    mvr Multicast VLAN Registration

    mvrp Multiple VLAN Registration Protocol

    neighbor-discovery IPv6 neighbor

    netlogin Network Login related commands

    ntp Network Time Protocol

    pim PIMv6 cache entries

    ports Physical ports

    radius Radius Client

    radius-accounting Radius Client Accounting

    rip RIP Routing

    r.png R.png Routing

    rmon RMON CLI command

    router-discovery IPv6 Router Discovery

    sflow Enable SFLOW module

    sharing Load sharing

    smartredundancy smart redundancy on a port(related to Software redundant port feature)

    snmp Enable SNMP

    snmpv3 SNMPv3

    sntp-client Enable SNTP client

    stacking Stacking

    stpd STP domain

    subvlan-proxy-arp Configure sub-VLAN proxy ARP

    syslog Configure syslog service

    tacacs TACACS+ Client

    tacacs-accounting TACACS+ Client Accounting

    tacacs-authorization TACACS+ Client Cli Authorization

    tech-support Technical support

    telnet allow incoming telnet connections

    tunnel tunnel

    udp-echo-server UDP-Echo Server

    upm Universal port manager

    virtual-router virtual router

    vlan VLAN configuration

    vm-tracking Virtual Machine mac tracking

    vman Virtual Metropolitan Area Network

    vr virtual router

    watchdog watchdog monitoring feature

    web Web access

    xml-mode Raw XML configuration mode

    xml-notification XML Notification Process

  • 2.  RE: Not able to create vrrp in X460-48t summit switch

    Posted 09-28-2017 13:05
    Hello Sunday,

    Can you show us the "show license" output?

  • 3.  RE: Not able to create vrrp in X460-48t summit switch

    Posted 09-28-2017 13:16
    * X460-48t.6 # show licenses
    Enabled License Level:
    Enabled Feature Packs:
    * X460-48t.7 #

  • 4.  RE: Not able to create vrrp in X460-48t summit switch

    Posted 09-28-2017 13:23
    You need an Advanced Edge or Core license in order to configure VRRP:


  • 5.  RE: Not able to create vrrp in X460-48t summit switch

    Posted 09-28-2017 13:44
    Thank you Patrick

  • 6.  RE: Not able to create vrrp in X460-48t summit switch

    Posted 10-02-2017 22:11
    The following URL shows features in our license modules on EXOS.