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  • 1.  extreme summit x430-24t

    Posted 09-09-2015 06:45
    extreme summit x430-24t

    Not able to give up-link on normal UTP (cad6) cable.

    If both the end extreme x430-24t link is not working,one end x430 other end other brand switch link is working.which color code crimped cable will work for this issue

  • 2.  RE: extreme summit x430-24t

    Posted 09-09-2015 16:02

    Please be aware that an X430 Summit Family Switch port can detect whether a straight or crossover cable is being used by using Autopolarity. This feature is turned on by default. In some circumstances when connecting to a third-party switch and knowing what type of cable is being used by the colour code layout, turning off polarity may help bring the ports to an active state. Please also assure that autonegotiation is turned on at both switches, or that the ports are manually configured for the same speed and duplex. the following commands can be used to verify the port information, change polarity, manually set the port speed and duplex, and to configure the medium type.

    show port # information detail
    configure ports port_list auto-polarity [off| on]
    configure ports auto on{[{speed speed} {duplex [half| full]}] | [{duplex[half| full]} {speed speed}]}
    configure ports port_list preferred-medium[copper| fiber] {force}

    A simply test would be to temporarily loop the cable from one available port on the X430 to another, and see whether the ports become active. Do the same on the third-party switch. The cable layout is not propitiatory but the following might help to confirm the cable type: http://www.incentre.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/ethcable03.gif

  • 3.  RE: extreme summit x430-24t

    Posted 10-06-2015 08:36
    How can I readout auto-polarity status for a port via snmp?

    I've been looking in 15.4 mib and found extremeDiagPortPairAPol ( Pair A till D ) But my x670 and x440 do not have OID answer in that range.

    Any hint welcome!