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  • 1.  MLAG + VRRP (Core Switches)

    Posted 01-07-2014 22:05
    Create Date: Oct 17 2013 9:23PM

    Hello all! I'm currently in the process of designing a new network and have a few questions. When building this network, I want to put in as much redundancy as possible, so here is my thought process..

    I have 3 buildings on my campus. Buildings A, B, and C.

    Building A is the "Main" building, and where the firewalls are located. Within A, I will have 2 sets of (2)440-48t's stacked in my DC. I will also have (2) 460-24X. Each 440-48t stack will connect to each 460-24X. (Here is where MLAG comes in). The (2) 460-24X's will have an ISC channel between them. Also, I want them to act as the "L3 Router" for the primary DC vlan. (VLAN 5).

    Would I be able to setup VRRP/ESRP as well as MLAG on the (2) 460-24X's ? My topology is alot bigger, and I will have ALOT of other switches connecting to the (2) 460-24X's via MLAG and would want them to act as the "L3 Router" for all those vlans as well.

    If you need a quick drawing, let me know!

    C1 = 460-24X
    C2 = 460-24X

    DC1 = 440-48T
    DC2 = 440-48T


    Thanks a bunch,

    Jeremy (from Jeremy_Homan)

  • 2.  RE: MLAG + VRRP (Core Switches)

    Posted 01-07-2014 22:05
    Create Date: Oct 31 2013 12:42PM

    Hi Jeremy,
    In short, Yes.

    VRRP works well with MLAG and i have rolled it out for multiple clients. The 2 protocols can be configured separately with no consideration for each other with your proposed design of a stack connecting to 2 separate layer 3 devices running MLAG, this is pretty much MLAG in its basic form.

    With regards to ESRP, i have never personally configured it with MLAG and think there would need to be a little more consideration given it provides L2 redundancy also.

    Cheers (from crawford)