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TCL Script that triggers commands if MAC Address matches

  • 1.  TCL Script that triggers commands if MAC Address matches

    Posted 06-26-2018 05:41
    Hi Folks,
    I've written a TCL script that looks for a specific MAC OUI in the FDB table and triggers certain commands if a match has been found.

    The issue with this script is that I want to set a specific "Port Profile". These "Port Profiles" are deployed from the NetSight. The Script looks for "IMP_AccessPoints" and returns the number of the line where it found the term. Ever since I deleted some of the "Port Profiles" in NetSight the line number isn't equal to the PID anymore.


    1 - Guest
    2 - WAN
    5 - IMP_AccessPoints

    So my Script would return the number "3" instead of 5. Can someone help me out? Maybe someone has an idea how to fix my script.

    #MAC OUI
    #@VariableFieldLabel "MAC OUI Number 1 (xx:xx:xx:)"

    set var MAC1 d8:84:66:
    set var myWaitVar $TCL(after [expr 2000 * 6])
    set var CLI.OUT " "
    show fdb ports $EVENT.LOG_PARAM_0 | include Default
    set var list1 $TCL(split ${CLI.OUT})
    set var list2 $TCL(string range $(list1) 0 8)
    if (!$match($list2, $MAC1)) then
    set var CLI.OUT " "
    show edp ports $EVENT.LOG_PARAM_0
    set var edp1 $TCL(split ${CLI.OUT} \n)
    set var range1 $TCL(string range $(edp1) 235 270)
    set var edp2 $TCL(regexp ${EVENT.LOG_PARAM_0} $(range1))
    create log entry "($edp2)"
    if ($edp2 == 0) then
    clear netlogin state port $EVENT.LOG_PARAM_0
    disable netlogin ports $EVENT.LOG_PARAM_0 dot1x web-based mac
    set var CLI.OUT " "
    show policy profile
    set var pol1 $TCL(split ${CLI.OUT} \n)
    set var pol2 $TCL(lsearch -regexp $pol1 {IMP_AccessPoints})
    set var polport $pol2
    configure policy rule admin-profile port $EVENT.LOG_PARAM_0 port-string $EVENT.LOG_PARAM_0 admin-pid $polport
    create log entry "NETLOGIN_DISABLED_PASSED"
    configure ports $EVENT.LOG_PARAM_0 display-string "EXN-AccessPoint"
    create log entry "DISPLAY_STRING_COMMAND_PASSED"
    set var CLI.OUT " "
    create log entry "Unknown_device_connected_on_port_($EVENT.LOG_PARAM_0)"