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  • 1.  SummitStack and LAG in M-LAG

    Posted 08-13-2014 16:58
    I install new core infrastructure based on Extreme Summit switches and right now I'm feel some uncertainty about the course of action. That's what I have.
    In the core we have two standalone X670 switches acting like a MLAG peers. To these switches I connect two stacked X460-48 (USERS) switches (at the top of picture) and two stacked X460-24 (SERVERS) switches (in the bottom of picture). USERS switches have 2 uplinks to the MLAG peers and SERVERS switches have 4 uplinks to the MLAG peers.
    USERS switches work good but my SERVERS switches lost connection.
    STP is turned off on all six switches.

    How to properly configure mlag ports on X670 switches to connect SERVERS switches?
    It seems I tried all possible configuration and connections between CORE and SERVERS switches but there's no result.
    Please type right set of commands for CORE and SERVERS switches.

  • 2.  RE: SummitStack and LAG in M-LAG

    Posted 08-13-2014 17:13
    Hello Alexandr

    on the server stack all four links are configured as one LAG correct? If so then on the cores each 670 that has the two links from the server stack should have those two ports as LAG ports and then those two LAG connections are made MLAG Peers.

    So enable sharing 41 group 41,42 and then the algorithm you want to use etc on 670 1
    and the same command on 670 2.

    Then create your MLAG Peer and add your MLAG ports.

    Does that help?


  • 3.  RE: SummitStack and LAG in M-LAG

    Posted 08-14-2014 06:58
    Thank you, Paul.
    I just flush all configuration from CORE and SERVERS switches and type it again as you recommend. Now MLAG works fine both on SERVERS switches and on Cisco 2960X.