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Upgrading EXOS and SSH together

  • 1.  Upgrading EXOS and SSH together

    Posted 02-26-2015 13:35
    A simple procedure for upgrading EXOS and other .xmod modules, such as SSH, at the same time using the CLI from an existing console/telnet/ssh session:

    Enter the CLI command:show switch | include "Image Booted"[/code]It should be either primary or secondary.

    For this example, let's assume it says: Image Booted: primary[/code]Download the .xos image first, followed by any .xmod images to the inactive partition
    download image .xos secondary
    download image .xmod secondary
    reboot[/code]After reboot the new EXOS image and .xmod are running.

    Summit example:
    show switch | include "Image Booted"
    Image Booted: primary
    download image summitX- secondary
    download image summitX- secondary