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XOS upgrade question

  • 1.  XOS upgrade question

    Posted 12-12-2017 17:51
    We have our big maintenance window on a weekend, I need to upgrade the XOS image on several devices, can I pre-load the image and install the new image on the non working partition before the schedule window, so then I can just reboot with the new software (without causing any disruption on the service)? or should it be only download not install?

  • 2.  RE: XOS upgrade question

    Posted 12-12-2017 17:54
    You can download and install. Then just set a reboot time for your maintenance window.

    Have you tested the intended code on a subset of stacks in your network?

    I like to install new code on one stack and let it run a few days. Then install on a group of stacks for a few days before rolling it out network wide.

  • 3.  RE: XOS upgrade question

    Posted 12-12-2017 17:56
    This will work fine Karina. The default will be to boot the image that has been uploaded, so if you want to be sure it does not come up on an unscheduled reboot (like a power loss), you'll need to enter "boot image xxx" where xxx is the partition to use. You can set it to continue using the "current" image, then before your window set them to the opposite image and reboot when ready.

  • 4.  RE: XOS upgrade question

    Posted 12-12-2017 17:57
    We do the download and install, then confirm it exists on all slots.

    show ver image, confirm new code (and ssh mod if applicable) are on each slot

    Show switch, and confirm the upgraded partition is the one that's selected to boot.

    Then we typically schedule a reboot time with the reboot command (after checking that the date/time looks correct on the switch).

    Haven't had a problem with doing the download and install on production equipment, then schedule the reboot for after hours for example (or reboot on demand).

  • 5.  RE: XOS upgrade question

    Posted 12-12-2017 17:57
    Hi Karina,

    There is no issue with pre-loading the image and then waiting for the maintenance window to reboot the switches. Using this knowledge article: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/How-to-Obtain-and-Upgrade-EXOS just do steps 1-4 on each switch you would like to pre-load and do step 5 (reboot) during the maintenance window!

  • 6.  RE: XOS upgrade question

    Posted 12-12-2017 18:09
    Thanks all for your quick response... just wanted to be on the "safe side"

  • 7.  RE: XOS upgrade question

    Posted 12-13-2017 17:57
    Depending on your paranoia level and will to be very much on the safe side, I encourage users to also save their config as two different files (one in the current config file and another one with a different name, not being the default config database). That way, if anything goes wrong, you have a rollback scenario without any doubts on the config file being modified/corrupted by the new code. Just in case.

    10 years in TAC makes you always consider the "if it goes wrong" first :)

  • 8.  RE: XOS upgrade question

    Posted 12-12-2017 17:56
    sorry "use image xxx" - would not let me edit inline...