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  • 1.  Legacy Firmware - Summit 1500

    Posted 06-24-2014 17:13
    Hello folks,

    I'm looking to make use of a 48-port switch I found at a recycling place. The system boots and I get a console, but the firmware is awfully old:

    * Summit48:38 # show version[/code]
    System ID: 800013-06-9838M00501
    Board ID: 700015-07-9834M00401
    Left Board ID: 700016-06-9836M00981
    Right Board ID: --
    Image: Extremeware Version 2.0.19 (Build 1) by Release_Master Wed 07/15/1998 2:28p

    I can't seem to find anywhere to download firmware releases. Would one of you fine community members be able to point me in the right direction?

    Thanks for your time!


  • 2.  RE: Legacy Firmware - Summit 1500

    Posted 06-24-2014 20:21
    Hey CJ

    That is the second oldest switch we made after the Summit 1. There is no code available for that switch.