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ELRP warning message --WARNING:

  • 1.  ELRP warning message --WARNING:

    Posted 10-17-2018 09:22
    ELRP warning message --WARNING: Port 4:9 does not belong to VLAN_108! but configuration taken it will affect if suppose that port in any other vlan ?

  • 2.  RE: ELRP warning message --WARNING:

    Posted 10-17-2018 23:01
    Hi Pari,

    I did a quick test in lab
    In my scenario the port 1 is not part of the VLAN labpc so no ELRP packets were transmitted, so there may not be any effect due to this but a mis-configuration i suppose.

    "show elrp"
    Pkts Pkts Disable
    Client Vlan Ports Int. Count Cyclic Xmit Rcvd Action Port (sec)
    CLI uplink 1 1 0 Yes 17 0 L -
    CLI labpc 1 1 0 Yes 0 0 L -

  • 3.  RE: ELRP warning message --WARNING:

    Posted 10-18-2018 01:30
    Thanks 4 info!

    Which one is best recommended practice port wise config in Vlan in elrp or vlan all option?

    I can enable ELRP port (all) instead of port wise and I excluded the uplink port from elrp.
    My question is even trunk port allowed that vlan it will not affect right because i gave elrp vlan all port.

  • 4.  RE: ELRP warning message --WARNING:

    Posted 10-18-2018 02:08
    Hi Pari,

    Yes it is best to enable ELRP for all ports and exclude the uplink ports so that ELRP will not disable the uplink ports in case of a remote loop.

  • 5.  RE: ELRP warning message --WARNING:

    Posted 10-18-2018 06:32

    ELRP can now be added to ports in VLANs that are not yet active on the port, to allow ELRP to work with dynamic VLAN assignment via netlogin. This will result in the ELRP warning from the question, but is a valid use-case.