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Protecting Super vlan with Eaps

  • 1.  Protecting Super vlan with Eaps

    Posted 02-22-2019 16:19
    We are looking to protect a super vlan around our eaps ring and also have the ability to drop off sub vlans to other switches in the ring. Does anyone know if this is possible?

    Currently the limitation is that we cannot add subvlans to eaps b/c you cannot add ports to subvlans. We also tried to add a tag to our super vlan and build it around our eaps ring. The limitation with this method is that we could not add the subvlans (on the other switches) to the supervlan without adding an IP to the supervlan. We also tried to place a loopback IP on the supervlan to see if we could pass traffic down to a subvlan. We were able to pull DHCP traffic on the subvlan but nothing beyond that.

    We thought about just tagging the supervlan down to the other switches and using it as a standard vlan with the supervlan tag. With this setup weren't sure if the broadcast domain would be too large as we do have multiple class c's on our super vlan. This is why we were wanting to use the subvlans to limit the broadcast domain.

    Any other ideas on how we could accomplish this?