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  • 1.  Port-based traffic shaping x430 and x440

    Posted 03-30-2015 04:54
    Hi, I'm looking for an easy way (and best practice) to do port-based traffice shaping ingress/egress on both x430 and x440.

    -Is the way we shape x440 today best practice?
    -As far as I know, the x430 does not have the meter feature, how should we do shaping on x430?

    On x440 to day we use:

    configure ports XX rate-limit egress 11 Mbps max-burst-size 400 Kb


    create meter US10Mbit
    configure meter US10Mbit committed-rate 11000 Kbps max-burst-size 400 Kb out-action drop

    Then we add a script:
    edit policy US10Mbit.pol
    #Acl entry US10Mbit
    entry US10Mbit
    if match all {
    count limit_counter;
    meter US10Mbit;

    And at the end, add the port we want to shape:
    configure access-list US10Mbit port 22 ingress

  • 2.  RE: Port-based traffic shaping x430 and x440

    Posted 04-01-2015 10:37
    Hello Truls

    Yes that is the best way to use meters and QoS queues. Depending on where in the network you are using them you may be able to use some in one part over the other, for example edge versus core.

    Metering should be there in the 430 it is part of the L2 Edge license which comes with the 430.

    Hope that helps


  • 3.  RE: Port-based traffic shaping x430 and x440

    Posted 04-03-2015 15:58
    Wow, thanks, I have no idea how I missed that.

    One thing when using meters and acl's like this:
    as far as I see, the acl is added to the port (and not the other way), so if I use this method to shape more than one port, each port will get a maximum committed-rate of 10 mbit and not share 10 mbit all together?

  • 4.  RE: Port-based traffic shaping x430 and x440

    Posted 04-07-2015 11:42
    We are shaping on edge switches (US/DS towards customers), what max-burst-size would you recommend?