ExtremeSwitching (EXOS)

  • 1.  EXT3-fs warning

    Posted 09-26-2016 07:13

    what am I supposed to do when on a lot of X460G2-48t-10G4 the log shows:

    09/26/2016 10:55:45.77

  • 2.  RE: EXT3-fs warning

    Posted 09-26-2016 10:33
    Hi Antonio,

    I would suggest to open up a case with GTAC for the same with the below outputs.

    "show switch"
    "show version"
    "show log"
    "show log messages nvram"

  • 3.  RE: EXT3-fs warning

    Posted 09-26-2016 15:26
    Just a follow-up.

    This is what GTAC suggested:

    Unfortunately, the only way to solve this issue whole factory reset is necessary on all switches.
    The stack should be broken and then rescue the image to all nodes from bootrom individually. This will erase all data from the switches. Then rebuild the stack and load the configuration. Please follow this article to complete rescue process: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/How-To-install-EXOS-Image-via-BootROM-on-G...

    I'm concerned about the procedure: if something goes wrong (for example "No valid bootloader found" as already happened) I would need some spare X460G2-48t-10G4 devices.

  • 4.  RE: EXT3-fs warning

    Posted 09-26-2016 15:26
    Hi Antonio,
    I'd suggest trying it on one switch to see if it helps (if you haven't already done that). GTAC can also get you the bootloader images to reload if necessary.