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  • 1.  Fabric ISIS adjacencies

    Posted 11-01-2018 13:54
    Hi Community

    Some more fabric questions from my Fabric lab.

    I have the following setup:

    All switches in the lab is running the latest GA code.

    If I look at the ISIS adjacencies I see that all the adjacencies are active and working:

    Core 1:

    Core 2:

    Core 3:

    Core 4:

    I now add additional redundant links and have a look at the adjacencies again.

    Redundant links to or from the VSP 4850's to either another VSP 4850 or VSP 8404 is added to the list but in a backup state. This is expected.

    However backup links between the two VSP 8404 nevers passes the INIT state

    When I remove the primary links the links that was stuck in "INIT" moves to active.

    Both the 48xx and 84xx is running the same code.

    Why does the 84xx not move to backup?


  • 2.  RE: Fabric ISIS adjacencies

    Posted 11-01-2018 14:37
    IMHO - It may be best to have the two links between the nodes configures as MLT/LAG, so that traffic can be hashed and provide that extra redundancy rather than using the Active/Standby approach.

    Reminder: You should remove the following from each designated NNI port.
    no spanning-tree mstp
    vlan members remove 1

    Reminder: You need to add the following for each designated NNI port.
    encapsulation dot1q

    Reminder: You need to add the NNI interfaces to the ISIS area.
    vsp4k:(config-if)# isis
    Adds the interface to isis

    vsp4k:(config-if)# isis spbm 1
    Establishes this interface as part of the SPBM Instance 1

    vsp4k:(config-if)# isis enable
    enables the isis on the interface.

    vsp4k:(config-if)# exit
    vsp4k:(config-if)# save config or write mem