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LLDP MIB support on ExtremeXOS

  • 1.  LLDP MIB support on ExtremeXOS

    Posted 11-26-2014 07:23
    Hi all,

    I'm trying to read LLDP MIB from Summit X440-8t. As written in the user guide, this switch supports IEEE 802.1AB(LLDP-MIB). I can even show lldp neigbhors info correctly as shown below.

    * X440-8t.4 # show lldp neighbors

    Port Neighbor Chassis ID Neighbor Port ID TTL Age
    1 00:04:96:83:6F:AB 7 120 10
    NOTE: The Chassis ID and/or Port ID might be truncated to fit the screen.

    Now I try to read "lldpV2LocChassisId" MIB object(LLDP-2009) whose OID is, see here. But there is any error:

    * X440-8t.6 # show snmp get
    org.111.2.802. = NO_SUCH_OBJECT_EXCEPTION

    Now I try to read "lldpLocChassisId" MIB object(LLDP-2005) whose OID is 1.0.8802., see here. And now it's fine:

    * X440-8t.7 # show snmp get 1.0.8802.
    iso.0.8802. = 00 04 96 97 c2 6f

    My ExtremeXOS version is as shown below:

    X440-8t.8 # show version
    Switch : 800469-00-11 1351N-44427 Rev 11.0 BootROM: IMG: 15.3.1.
    PSU-1 : Internal Power Supply
    PSU-2 :

    Image : ExtremeXOS version v1531b4-patch1-19 by release-manager
    on Fri Sep 20 14:57:37 EDT 2013
    BootROM :
    Diagnostics : 5.10

    So my question is:
    1. Is it true that LLDP version 2 (2009) is not supported on ExtremeXOS version
    2. Is there any newer ExtremeXOS version that supports the newer version of LLDP (2009) so that I can upgrade?

    Thanks in advance!