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  • 1.  x620 SFP+ link not coming back up

    Posted 11-01-2018 14:58
    I have a weird issue that i was wondering if anyone had seen before. I will preface this by saying i am new to the extreme world. We have mostly Avaya switches but bought some extreme switches after the buyout to get used to them.

    In this scenario i have a stack of 3 x620 switches that i am having trouble getting link to come up on. There seems to be a software issue that is preventing it from establishing link on what was a previously working port.
    Initially i had 2 uplinks in a sharing configuration. we had some fiber issues so the switches sat without being put into production right away. Once the fiber got sorted out i decided to do a software update to the switches before putting them into production. I upgraded them to what was current at the time, After the software update i was not able to get link on the 2 uplink ports. Show ports transceiver information told me that they were seeing the other side as the Tx/Rx numbers changed when i unplugged the cable. Nothing i tried would get link to come up. When i tried to remove the sharing config and recreate it it told me that i had to do it on the master port, but i was running it on the master port. In fact i tested it and created a new sharing config the same and the uplink ports and removed it just to be sure i was running the commands correctly. It turns out i was no longer able to make changes to these ports as it would tell me the master port was wrong.

    I tried backing down to the old firmware version, and even tried about 4 different other versions just to see if any of them made a difference. No change in behavior

    If i create a new sharing group and move the same SFP+ modules over to the new ports the link comes up just fine. As soon as i move it back to the old port link wont come up. If i run debug hal show optic-info ddmi it says signal is present but it just wont establish link.

    Eventually i opened a support case and was told they could not help me because i was not running extreme optics. I am running fs.com optics that work everywhere else and cost 300. From what i could find the Extreme branded dwdm optics cost 10,000 which is not happening. So they were not able to help me any further at that point which to be honest is pretty frustrating as a new customer. Avaya never gave us a hard time for the optics we used and would always help us anyway.

    After my support case i decided to backup the config and do a factory reset. I restored the config and low and behold the ports worked again and i had link. We left it and its been working since. We decided we needed more redundancy based on the physical path of the fiber so we wanted to bring up 2 more links and have 2 on each side of our fiber ring. When i added the new ports in the same behavior happened. I have 2 of the 4 links up but the other 2 wont come up and are giving me the exact same behavior as i had the first time.

    Has anyone seen anything similar to this? Any idea how i can get these links up without having to factory reset the switch and restore the config again?

    Please let me know if there is any more information i can provide to be helpful. Thanks!

  • 2.  RE: x620 SFP+ link not coming back up

    Posted 11-02-2018 05:52
    Hello Ryan,

    This could be already known and fixed CR# xos0064983, please check following article


    Best Regards,

  • 3.  RE: x620 SFP+ link not coming back up

    Posted 11-02-2018 11:55
    Thank you for the reply. That was one of the things i tried and it did not solve the problem. My firmware versions match those in the article you linked and i am running right now.

  • 4.  RE: x620 SFP+ link not coming back up

    Posted 11-02-2018 14:27
    I would suggest contacting the GTAC for assistance.