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EXOS 22.5 "Creating Processes on Secondary Nodes"

  • 1.  EXOS 22.5 "Creating Processes on Secondary Nodes"

    Posted 06-01-2018 06:09
    One of new EXOS 22.5 Feature are this:

    "Creating Processes on Secondary Nodes"

    Changed CLI Commands
    Changes are underlined.

    create process name executable exe {start [auto | on-demand]} {node[/code]node} {vr vr-name} {description description} {arg1 {arg2 { arg3 { arg4[/code]{ arg5 { arg6 { arg7 { arg8 { arg9 }}}}}}}}}[/code]
    create process name python-module python-module {start [auto | ondemand]} {node node} {vr vr-name} {description description} {arg1 {arg2[/code]{arg3 {arg4 {arg5 {arg6 {arg7 {arg8 {arg9}}}}}}}}}[/code]
    Unfortunately either in Manual NOR in Release Notes shows valid examples ... which some me the possibilities in the field ...

    Are there some examples out of field installations which shows the capabilities of this commands ?